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& Treatment

A consultation followed by a treatment for new cases.

Duration up to 90 minutes


Standard Follow Up Treatment

A standard follow up treatment.

Duration up to 60 minutes


Long Follow Up Treatment

An extended treatment.
i.e finish with a massage.

Duration Up to 90 minutes


Special Short Treatment

For young children,etc.

Must be pre approved.

Duration up to 30 minutes




8.30am  to  8.00pm


8.30am  to  8.00pm



8.30am  to  8.00pm



8.30am  to  8.00pm



8.30am  to  8.00pm


Alternate Saturdays - see diary

9.30am  to  3.30pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays


Before You Arrive

  • Masks - Mask wearing is no longer mandatory, but you may wear one if you wish

  • Illness – If you have a contagious infection such as a new cold, flu or Covid please postpone your appointment until the contagious period has passed

  • Strong smells – Please avoid wearing strong smelling perfumes or aftershaves as some people are allergic to these products

  • Medications – If this is your first visit or things have changed, please bring a list of your medications or your prescriptions

  • Dress – Where possible please dress comfortably, wear clothes that are easy to pull up or remove


We are confident in our treatments and offer a simple no quibble guarantee:

After your consultation if we feel we can't help or you choose not to have treatment we will not charge for the 'Consultation & Treatment', you get a free consultation!


If you are unhappy with a treatment tell us at the time and we will not charge you for the the treatment.

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